President's Welcome

ACGFund's Giving Associates are Standing By to Help


The directors, officers and staff of ACGFund are pleased that you are thinking about using our services for charitable giving.

When you do, you will discover that we take your values seriously. Our efforts are designed to make giving easy, efficient and tax-smart. We will help you support qualified organizations that reflect your commitments.

ACGFund offers multiple investment options. Each is selected to provide a strategy that fits your donor account’s investment needs, and deliver good performance and low cost. While past performance does not predict future results, we believe that you will feel comfortable and benefit from these investment options.

ACGFund can work with your financial adviser. In fact, we suggest that you include your adviser in discussions about giving and grant making. Typically, advisers help with applications and grant requests, and facilitate your charitable work. Your adviser will continue to be compensated for work on your and ACGFund's behalf. There is no additional cost to you; the mutual funds and separately managed investment accounts used by ACGFund create compensation for this support.

So - welcome! The ACGFund team is ready to help you build a giving legacy. Call on us as you make a difference in this world through an ACGFund donor account.


Christopher Hulse

Make the Most of Your Giving