Requesting A Grant

Helping your client make a difference.

The Directors of ACGFund are waiting to help your client make a grant from a Donor Account. Simply download the Grant Request form, fill it out on the Donor Advisor's instruction, gain his or her signature and forward it to ACGFund. (Fax, mail or attach the form to an e-mail - each gets your request to ACGFund's office.)

The Grant Request form is stored in Portable Document Format (PDF). The form is available under Documentation/Forms tab after you login to your your account.

The minimum grant administered by the Fund is $250. There may be a fee assessed for a grant. This is a pass through cost only; wires from trust companies used by ACGFund may cost $20 and this expense will be passed through to your Donor Account. ACGFund does not charge for grant administration.

Please note that a grant cannot be used to fulfill a pre-existing pledge to a charitable organization. A grant cannot be used to pay for membership fees, dues, tuition, benefit tickets or goods bought at charitable auctions.

The Internet is full of interesting web sites that will help make grant-making productive. Several sites, is one, provide information about many potential grant recipients and make available regulatory information such as a nonprofit's Federal filing, the 990.

Need help? Contact an ACGFund Associate at 877-677-ACGF.

Make the Most of Your Client's Giving

Which Nonprofit?

The Directors of ACGFund believe that you, a Donor Advisor, are best qualified to recommend grants.

You know which nonprofits fulfill a mission you cherish and which nonprofits express your values.

ACGFund is permitted to make grants to any qualified nonprofit - any charitable organization that is tax-exempt as described in Code Section 501(c)3.

Grant requests to for-profit corporations, private foundations or foreign charitable organizations cannot be fulfilled. (However, many foreign charitable organizations have developed relationships with United States nonprofits!)

All grants from ACGFund must be made in a manner that is consistent with the charitable purposes of the Fund.